World tree


The World Tree a huge tree whose size is determined by the hard work of the players in that world (server). As players transform, their Miragic "feeds" the tree. When the tree is fed enough points, grows in a similar fashion to your Village Tree. When it grows, new spells are granted to players in that world, so it is in everyone’s best interest to have players perform transformations.

How to get thereEdit

Getting here is easy. Click the teleport icon on your toolbar. When you do so, the following pop-up menu appears. Simply click "To the World Tree" and you're on your way!




Player are free to gather here to meet friends, chat with other players, or cheer on teammates who are transforming.


World tree-glow

When a player hovers their mouse over the tree, it begins to glow and a small pop-up window appears. This pop-up tells the player the current level of the tree as well as the percent of growth it has completed towards its next upgrade.

World tree-popup

Clicking on the World tree brings up the game "High Scores" menu.
World tree-hs-menu
A player's standing on the score-board is based on the amount of Miragic points they have accumulated in the game. Furthermore, a player will only appear on the scoreboard after they have completed their first transformation.

As you can see from the picture, you can sort the scores based on all players (whole world), those just in your valley, your friends, or just players in your village.

You can also search for a player by name.

Finally, you can jump to your ranking on the scoreboard by clicking "My position" or jump to the top by clicking "To position one".

Fountain of Eternal YouthEdit

World tree-FoEY

The Fountain of Eternal Youth is the small fountain at the base of the tree. Just like the Tree itself, hovering over it causes it to glow. Also, like the Tree, clicking it takes the player to a new menu.
World tree-tr-menu

This menu has three columns. The left, shows new game items that will be available when the World Tree upgrades. The center gives a very brief description of Transforming. The right column is only available to players who have built their character up to level 90. This column gives the player their total Miragic donation that will be "fed" to the world tree when the player transforms. This total sometimes confuses new players as it does not match the Miragic score that is shown on the top of their
game toolbar. The reason is this. The Miragic points on your toolbar only includes points you earned from serving Questies, doing Alchemy Quests, or won in the Carnival Area games and Dragon Races. The total score shown in the Fountain menu includes Miragic points generated from your building upgrades, total mana and XP inventory, Lab Items, etc… Because of that, this score will be considerably higher.