Wishing Well
Requirements Gold
Reward Experience Bonus

The Wishing Well is a valley questie.

Its initial text reads:

Charmed by the appearance of this fairy tale- like wishing well, you take a closer look at it. Deep down, between rocks and darkness, in the faint gleam of its reflection, you discover a rare, energetic vortex turning in perpetuity. All at once, it starts to pulsate in syllable- like intervals with flashes of green light and you immediately know what it requires of you: "I need [number of] Gold from you; you will receive [percentage of experience bonus for number of days] for it.

And upon completion:

As you throw what the well is wishing for into the vortex, it then spits out into the air that what is meant for you. While you are still attempting to hold onto it, the well disappears at once and you ask yourself if you might have been dreaming all along. You feel that you have made a Miramagian creature happy.

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