Well-travelled guardian of the forest
Requirements Optic Plant Mush
Reward Village tree care points/ Experience

The Well- travelled guardian of the forest is a valley questie. He is one of the more desirable ones as he takes optic mushes [which become a hindrance after too many green mushrooms and also returns something worthwhile]

His initial text reads:

From the landscape emerges the silhouette of a well- travelled forest guardian, coming towards you. "Knobbly greetings, inhabitants of our roots", it mutters from deep within the old grove. "Forests are the key to life. And we are their guardians. But a thief named time is at our heels. On the edge of the world, the forest is rustling for help! New growth is required..." His edgy features soften in great sorrow. "I need [number of] Optic plant Mush from you; you will receive [number of] village tree care points/ experience for it.

And upon completion:

A whole forest seems to murmur as you hand over your seeds to the tree- like creature. His bark exudes the scent of life, which refreshes you. As he once again becomes one with the landscape, you notice his eyes sparkling with thanks. You feel that you have made a Miramagian creature happy.