Casting a spell on the village tree will change its appearance. The spells for the tree can be found under the button "Spell group Magic Toolbox". The spells can be obtained from regularly returning to the game or you can buy them in Sorcerer's Corner Shop among the mixed goods section. All tree spells last 24 hours.

Spell listEdit

There are currently four(4) basic spells for the tree and different Seasons bring additional spells that are only available for a limited time.

Spell Cost Store Icon Picture
Fire 45,000 Gold Tree-icon-fire Fire village tree
Tree House 5 Rubies Tree-icon-house Tree house village tree
Golden Apples 10 Rubies Tree-icon-apples Golden Apple village tree
Roomy Hideout
(Festive Dragon's Grove)
10 Rubies Tree-icon-hideout Prank-tree-hideout
(Magical Wonderland)
4,500 Gold Snack button Snack
Heavenly Treat
(Magical Wonderland)
5 Rubies Heavenly Treat button
Sleepy night
(Ghost Nights)
Sleepy night