Village Leader


You will find this character near the center of your village, just above and to the left of your Village Tree.

Clicking on this character brings up the following menu that lists various competitions that are running in your valley.
Village Leader-menu1


As this menu shows, there are two kinds of competitions you and your fellow villagers may compete in. They are Harvest Races and Big Orders. Select a competition by clicking on it in the left hand column. This will bring up the details.

Harvest RacesEdit

Harvest Races are the most common competitions for players to compete in. Their three primary attributes are:

  1. They are time based, with a set deadline.
  2. They involve only one (1) Plant type per race.
  3. Each player receives the total gold specified for winning.

The following is an example of one such race.
Village Leader-Harvest-Race

As this menu shows a Race requires villages to add one specific type of crop to the competition before the time limit (shown in the left hand column) expires. Players can contribute as many or as few of the crops they have in their storehouse to the competition. To contribute to the competition, use the Up and Down arrows to set the number of plants to add, or simply type the number in the white box provided. Once you have set the number you wish to add, click "Take Part" to submit your crops. 
Pole of Banners
The village that has added the highest number of the required crop type wins and a new award will appear on their Pole of Banners in the village's Carnival Area.


The amount of gold won, varies depending on the type of plant.

Plant type: Gold for 1st place: Gold for 2nd place: Gold for 3rd place:
Winking Roots $2,118
Tubular Mushrooms $3,444
Towerkraut $5,642
Roses $6,349
Cone Bushes $19,145
Pumpkins $27,398
Fly Agarics $33,691
Bell $35,665
Horsetails $41,230
Sorrel Balls $64,103
Tousled Lettuce $73,920
Wild Grapes $87,647
Crystal Ferns $102,113
Marble Bushes $105,858
Snowdrops $133,196
Morning Dews $196,490
Spotted Cucumbers $246,348
Stinging Nettles $249,935
Leafers $352,205
Fanfare Reeds $404,093
Stone Truffles $508,725
Spuds $596,960

Big OrdersEdit

Big Orders are quite different from Harvest Races. Their three primary attributes are:

  1. They are quantity (not time) based, with set numbers of plants that must be delivered.
  2. They involve multiple Plant types.
  3. Each player receives the total gold specified for winning.

The following is an example of one such race.
Village Leader-Big-Order
As this menu shows, this type of race is basically a purchase order. The first village to fill all the requirements is the winner, and wins the gold that is offered.

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