Very Hungry Dragon
Requirements Dragon Food
Reward Mana

The 'Very Hungry Dragon' is a male dragon hatchling that is found as a map questie. Despite blue dragons normally being associated with being female on Miramagia, the VHD is a male blue dragon.

His initial text reads:

A bitter sob fills the air, and you feel an irrepressible urge to help, as it takes you to a touching scene in which a dragon mourns his food. "Please," he begs you, "You smell like you have a pure heart. And also a bit like dragon feed..." A big tear runs down his flaky cheek, and you can hear an alarming growl coming from his stomach. "I need (number) Dragon food from you: you will receive (number) mana for it.

And upon completion:

Carefully, you balance the feed in your hands, and throw it into the jaws of the dragon from a safe distance. It's astonishing how this very creature gulps it down in just one bite. As a reward his stomach plays you a happy melody of digestion. You feel you have made a Miramagian creature happy