From time to time when you examine your Valley Map, you will find Map questies with tasks you can complete. To help you find them on the map, they have a yellow exclamation point that hovers over them. These questies are similar to the Questies that appear in your village, but while the village questies only ask for crops and give Gold and Miragic in return, the Map questies deal in other goods.

Making TradesEdit

To see what the questie has to offer, simply click on it. This will bring up a pop-up window that will introduce the questie and show you the trade offer as the picture below shows. The Needed item is what you the player must give the questie and the item listed under You receive is what the questie will provide you in trade. If you do not like the deal, click the "X" in the upper right, or the "Not yet" button.
Sample deal

Two items to note about these deals:

  1. These deals are limited. Only a few members of the valley will be allowed to make the trade (see red circle). As you see there are two numbers listed xx/yy. The left number is the number of players that have accepted the deal. The right number is the total number of trades available. When the maximum number of trades have been made this offer disappears, so move fast or other players might take all the good trades!
  2. These deals only last a short time. Players have a limited time to fulfill the trades (see blue circle). When this time expires so does the trade offer, so check in frequently or you may miss out!

Character summariesEdit

Name Image
Distraught Emma
Eusebius the Collector
Farty eusebius
Gorgeous Phoenix
Mox the plant summoner
Nicodemus the Great
Race snail
Trader of the South
Troubled pixie
Ser xjuy
Very Hungry Dragon
Weary unicorn
Wishing Well
Well-travelled guardian of the forest
Crystal Treasure
Absent-Minded Customs Officer
Customs officer

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