Valley Map


Every player has a map of the valley they live in. As the picture above shows, the map begins with a small section of the player's valley cleared, with the rest surrounded in a thick fog.

How to viewEdit

Teleport menu
Players can access the Valley Map in several ways. Clicking the compass in the top toolbar between the player's Village Name and Valley, or by clicking the teleport menu on the bottom toolbar and selecting To the Valley Map from there. Both of these options work equally well and bring the player to the same map screen.

Map ToolbarEdit

Map tools

While viewing the Village Map, the player's toolbar changes, as this image shows.

These tools are (from left to right):

1. Clear fog
Map-button fog
2. Show city
Map-button city
-  Centers map on the City.
3. Show World Tree
Map-button tree
-  Centers map on the World Tree.
4. Show own village
Map-button village
-  Centers map on your village.
5. Show village looking for players
Map-button looking
-  Repeated clicks cycles to different cities.
 6. Show other valley
Map-button other-valley
-  Allows you to look at another valley


You can view the other villages in your valley by dragging the map around with your mouse. When you hover your mouse over a village name, that village will glow and you will see more information about that village as the image below shows. The number in the circle is that village's map score (larger villages have higher scores).
Map village icon

From this icon, you can tell that this city has 1 Sorcerer, 1 Mage, 2 Druids, and 3 Shamen living in it.

  • Also note that since this village is looking for new players, there is a binoculars icon showing.


Things to doEdit

The following things can be done from your map page. Each link will take you to its own page.

  1. Clear Fog to expose more of your map.
  2. Fulfill Map questies tasks

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