Trader of the South
Requirements Mushrooms
Reward Different Type of Mushrooms

The Trader of the South is an unnamed map questie, who is not originally from Mira. He owns a Miramel, which appears to be a camel with a horn, akin to that of a unicorn.

His initial text reads:

Within sight, the oddly dressed trader performs his welocme ritual be drawing a perfect circle into the air in your honour. "My home is the Island of the South." He recites, "Above which the sunny zone is at its peak, below which endless deserts of gold can be found." As well, his Miramel chews of dried snapdragons with relish. "Trading is polite - our mushroom trade, famous worldwide!" brags the trader. "I need (number) (type) mushrooms from you: you will recieve (number) (different type) mushrooms for it.

And upon completion:

Carefully, the trader tucks away your mushrooms, all the while the miramel continues to chew on snapdragons. Soon after, the trader draws a much bigger circle in the air and, after an extensive bow, teleports himself away right through it. You feel that you have made a Miramagian happy.