Share EXP
Share Experience is a non-cost spell which is cast at other players' crops. It gives bonuses to both player that cast the spell and the player whose plants the spell was cast upon. The bonuses are determined by the level of the caster. This spell has a learnset of 10 levels and it can be learned starting from level 10. However, it's not unlimited and it has only 10 uses, that are recharged after 3 hours. Players can win additional uses at the Wheel.

Mana Cost : 0

Usage : Experience gathering

Effect : A little cross above the plant ( the effect is different depending from the class of the caster).


Spell Level Required Level Required Gold   Required Crops        Exp Gained
1 10 200 80 Stone Truffles
50 Snowdrops
120 Roses
9 90 4,800 80 Stone Truffles
550 Key Beets
60 Snapdragons
10 98 5,200 70 Leafers
600 Towerkraut
60 Spotted Cucumbers

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