Throughout the year, there are many different seasons. Each season brings its own special items. These can include:

Season ListEdit

Season Theme description Icon
Festival of Renewal Season festival of renewal
Festival of Hearts Valentines theme. Season festival of hearts
Carnival's Dance Mardi Gras theme. Season carnivals-dance
Welcoming Spring Spring & Easter theme. 03/31/15 to 04/12/15
Festive Dragon's Grove Dragon theme. May
Magic Nights Beach & Surfing theme. Season magic nights
Old Cultures Ancient Greek, Roman & Egyptian theme. Season old-cultures
Magical Wonderland Candy world theme. Season magical wonderland
Autumn Mood Fall theme. Season autumn mood
Ghost Nights Halloween theme. Season-ghost-nights
Fairy-tale Magic Festival Alice in Wonderland Theme Nov20th - 25th 2014
Winterspell Christmas theme. Season winterspell

 *Try to list seasons by dates when adding them.