Rubies are unique resource in Miramagia. They are unique because unlike other resources (Gold, Mana, etc…), these cost real money and they don't transform when you undergo a Magical Transformation. 

They can be purchased via the 'Rubies and Plus-Features' pop-up which can be accessed by clicking on the Rubies icon/balance area at the top left of the main game screen, or from the Ruby Merchant in the City.

They can also be obtained in small amounts by these ways:


Rubies are used for spells and other items, some of which give bonuses to the player.


The player can cast unique spells with rubies. This is a list of the spells which need rubies:

  • Better and more fun jinxing spells to prank fellow players.
  • Better and more fun jinxing spells at player's houses.
  • Instantly Vaporize plots in your field.
  • Summon an extra fairy.
  • Give unique gifts to players with the Generous Present spell.
  • Better jinxing spells (pranks) for the Village Tree.


The player can buy:

Build things fasterEdit

The player can use rubies and finish building upgrades instantly. Doing so costs 5 rubies regardless of building type.

Carnival GamesEdit

The player can also:

  • Spin more times the Wheel of Fortune.
  • Take extra looks into the crystal ball at the Tent of Advanced Magic.
  • Buy tickets from the Lottery Booth.