About Plant FairiesEdit

Plant Fairies fly around every player's field. They decrease the amount of time required to grow crops. You can earn up to 4 additional Plant Fairies from a level 25 Dragon. Additional Fairies can be won at the The Wheel of Fortune, Lottery Booth, buying them with rubies using the Summon Plant Fairy spell, or by paying for one of the Plus subscriptions.

In some seasons, the Fairies will wear costumes befitting the season.

Estimated Benefit of Additional FairiesEdit

Number of Plant Fairy % of Total Crop Timer Difference % Improvement from Previous Level
1 70 n/a n/a
2 50 20 29
3 37 13 26
4 29 8 22
5 24 5 27
6 21 3 13
  • Formula
    • (Percent of Total Crop Time in Decimal Form) x (Crop Growth Time in Seconds) = New Growth Time
  • Additional Fairies provide diminishing returns.