Zone Type : None
Optic Plant Mush

Optic Plant Mush.

Mana /Exp : 7/5

Buying/Selling Price : Not able to buy/1

Growth Duration : 14:34 (without magical fairies)
Optic plant mush

Optic Plant Mush

Notes :

  • The growth time is exactly the same as Roses (with or without magical fairies).
  • The only way to get this plant is by gathering green Magical Mushrooms.
  • These plants can't be sold in the Market. You can sell them to the Sorcerer's Corner Shop in the city, for 1 gold each.
  • Their appearience is similar to the Optic Plant , except they are green instead of red.
  • When they are fully grown they form an eye, which follows your cursor around just like Optic Plant eyes do.