Requirements Crops
Reward Miragic

Mirella is a valley questie, and the leader of the Miramagia Council.

Her initial text reads:

Kindly, you are welcomed by a living legend. "Miragic be with you - I'm Mirella, leader of the Miramagia Council." She looks deep into your eyes. "Together we weave the fate of the world and what grows on it. It takes skill and also lots of plant yarn. Recently we have been running short on plants. I really hope the most experienced of this valley can help us." Carefully she touches your cheek. "I need (number) of (plant type) from you; you will recieve (number) Miragic from it.

And upon completion:

It suprises you how much telekinesis actually tingles, as you are caught by Mirella's magic. Astonished, you watch your plants as they jump out of your bag and turn into a purple yarn, which then becomes the possession of a friendly legend. You feel you have made a Miramagian happy.