Valley Map


As this image shows. The player's Valley Map begins with only a small portion clear and most of it covered with a mysterious fog.

Players must use their resources ( Mana or Rubies ) to clear the fog and reveal other sections of their map.

Map fog

If you look carefully at this image you can see that the fog covers square sections of your map and that when you hover your mouse over a section of fog, it gets a glowing yellow outline.

Clearing fogEdit

To clear the fog from a section of your map, click the section you wish to clear. When you do so, the following pop-up appears:
Clear fog

This pop-up tells you how much Mana it will take to clear this section, and how many hours it will take. You can also chose to use Rubies to instantly finish the section, and receive a new Clothing item as well.

Notice that you can use either Mana or Rubies to clear sections. Rubies are real money. Keep in mind that when making your decision. If you use mana, it will take some number of hours for the fog to be cleared. Using rubies however clears the section instantly.

The two methods of clearing fog run as separate systems ie it costs 60 rubies to clear fog with rubies for the first time no matter how many times you cleared fog with gold prior to that.

If you clear one section of fog with rubies, you will be rewarded with this clothing set and backpack

It takes several hours for the fog to clear. As it does so, you will notice the fog begins to become more and more transparent.


Since you can only select map questies that are in cleared areas, having more cleared sections will increase the likelihood that you will find a questie that you wish to make a deal with.

Fog chartEdit

This chart lists the costs and time for clearing the fog from sections of your map. Remember two things if you choose to use rubies.:

  1. It is real money you are spending.
  2. You do not need to start the clearing with mana. You can use Rubies alone, so don't waste mana by starting the section first.
Section: Mana: Rubies*: Duration:
1 4,000 60 6 Days
2 9,500 65 8 Days
3 16,000 70 10 Days
4 23,000 75 12 Days
5 31,000 80 13 Days
6 39,000 85 14 Days
7 48,000 90 15 Days
8 57,000 95 16 Days
9 66,500 100 17 Days
10 76,500 100 18 Days
11 87,000 100 19 Days
12 97,500 100 20 Days
13 108,000 100 21 Days
14 119,000 100 22 Days
  • Remember, using Rubies is optional. Not required.