Magical Transformation


The Ritual of Magical Transformation is done when or after you have reached level 100. You go to the Fountain of Eternal Youth, which you can find at the foot of the World Tree. When transforming, some of your possessions - not all, but most of them - are transformed into Miragic, the energy the World Tree feeds on.

The tree and your character benefit from the transformation, but your character looses all experience and
has to start over as a carrot farmer. With every transformation, the tree grows a little towards a higher level, just like the Village Tree grows on water. With each level of the World Tree, new items are unlocked for all the world, like Garden Objects and Plants. With each transformation, your character's Magical Rank will increase gaining you a more productive Magic Circle and a statue of your character for your garden, amongst other things.

After reaching level 90, the fountain will tell you how high your Miragic donation will be when transforming. When you reach level 100, the amount of Miragic is set and can't be increased anymore. Gather your Miragic before you reach level 100. At that point, or later, you can click the transform button to donate your amount of Miragic to the tree. Your possessions will be transformed and you lose almost everything. The tree grows a little (or a lot) and you find yourself reborn, naive like you were before, but a little more vibrant, only remembering where you live and carrying a large concrete block in your knapsack. After the transformation you can change the character class and the gender of your avatar for free.

There are several Achievement awards that players can earn for Transforming.

What you will loseEdit

What you will keepEdit

What you will gainEdit

Transformation cape
Duid transformation clothes
  • A new clothing item will be available after transformation (Festive Transformation Robe).
  • Magical rank increase.
    • The ranks are :
Title Transformations Badge
Magic Beginner 0
Magic Student 1 Rank-badge2
Magic Apprentice 2 Rank-badge3
Magic Adept 3 Rank-badge4
Magus Minor 4 Rank-badge5
Magus Major 5 Rank 6
Archmage 6
Archmage badge
Magus supreme 7
 *The badges are displayed in the Town Hall rank list and the World Tree.
 *With your sixed transformation you will get a golden cape.
  • Character Trophy
Druid Mage Shaman Sorcerer
Trophy Druid Trophy Mage Trophy Shaman Trophy Sorcerer
Trophy Druid-f Trophy Mage-f Trophy Shaman-f

Notes :

  • The purple cape will automatically worn by your avatar after your transformation.
  • The Statue of your Character will appear in your inventory after you transform.
  • The Festive Transformation Robe will not be obtained after transformation, however you can buy it at Emma's Magical Boutique.
  • The Bonus to your magic circle is stack-able,each time you transform it will increase by 5%.

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