Ka Ching
Role Bargin Hunter
Location Next to the player's bulletin board
Service Provides special offers.

Ka Ching is a man dressed in a jesters costume, who provides the players with special offers and allows voucher codes to be redeemed. On some servers, Ka Ching is known as Till.

His information text states:

Ka Ching is always looking for bargains in Miramagia. At any time you can be informed about the latest offers.


The Mirazine has written an unofficial back-story on Ka Ching, which can be viewed here, or by a summary below.

Ka Ching spent his youth travelling around as a street magician, performing to earn money via tricks, although he mentions having the power of telekinesis, which he uses to make drawings come to life. Later on, he was offered a job by the Council of Mages to find and negotiate bargains for players. Ka Ching has referred to himself as being a dog lover, and has mentioned a dislike of oranges.