Golden Alchemy Quest Scroll
There are seven (7) Golden Daily Alchemy Quests that players maybe awarded in place of their normal Daily Alchemy Quest. While these Golden Quests give the same XP and Miramagic points that normal quest puzzles give, they also reward the player with a bonus table that the player may use in their Magic Laboratory. These seven tables each give a different XP and Mana boost to the player. Because of that, they are highly valued by serious players.

Table Name XP Bonus Mana Bonus Picture
Refined Wooden Table 3 7 Golden-Refined Wooden Table
DIY Wooden Table 5 5 Golden-DIY Wooden Table
Wood with metal fittings 6 9 Golden-Wooden Table with Metal Fittings
Tea Cart 7 4 Golden-Tea Cart
Framed Wooden Table 8 8 Golden-Framed Wooden Table
Polished Wooden Table 10 6 Golden-Polished Wooden Table
Feudal Elaborate Wooden Table 7 10 Golden-Feudal Elaborate Wooden Table

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