Gold! Beloved of dwarven folk and human folk alike, the clink of gold coins is music to the ears of Miramagians.  It is the currency that purchases most items in the game. Gold is earned by your actions in the game. There are several Achievement awards that players can earn for acquiring specific quantities of this precious metal, so work on earning gold. Lots and lots of gold.

Acquiring GoldEdit

You can acquire gold by:

  1. Getting lucky. A lucky spin of the wheel, visit to the fortune teller, or Lotto ticket, and you are rich! Find these in the carnival area of your village.
  2. Gold mushrooms. Plucking the golden mushrooms gives you a small amount of gold; this amount increases as your level increases.
  3. Working for the bailiff. If you're going to be away for an hour or more, find the bailiff and sign up to work. Find him in the carnival area of your village.
  4. Dragon races. Waypoints in the dragon race, including the practice races, may give you gold. You get gold (and other treasures) at the end if you win a dragon race (not a practice race, though). The amount increases as the duration of race increases; slow races give more than medium, which give more than fast. Also, the number of other competitors increases the awards, in races.
  5. Selling crop on the market, or at the city shop.
  6. Winning a competition, or even coming in second, third, etc. Also by contributing into a competition you get the 15% of the plants' price.
  7. Trading mana for gold at the dealer in the city. (This costs rubies.)
  8. Through the login bonus.
  9. And ofcourse, through the plant merchant.

Gold UsesEdit