Generous Present

Generous present is a spell which allows the player to give gifts to other players.  The cost of the gift varies depending on which gift is given.   Most gifts cost Mana, but some cost rubies as well.  As a player's level increases more kinds of gifts become available to give. This spell itself has only one level. There are several Achievement awards that players can earn for using this spell.

Generous Present Window

Generous Present Caster's Efe

Generous Present Gifts ListEdit

Photo Gift Player Level Mana Cost Ruby Cost
Festive Day Cake

Festive Day Cake

50 10
Turtle Doves
Turtle Doves 10 100
Guardian of the Garden
Guardian of the Garden 1,750 50
Pegasus 10 250
Queen of the Night
Queen of the night 950 0
Red crooked-conifer
Red crooked-conifer 10,000 0
Fire Plant
Fire Plant 750 10
Orb cactus with a pink blossom
Orb cactus with a pink blossom 250 0
Colourful Bouquet
Colorful Bouquet 300 15
Orb cactus with a blue blossom
Orb cactus with a blue blossom 250 0
Red Rose
Red Rose 200 0
Sunny Blossom
Sunny Blossom 200 0
Blue Carnation
Blue Carnation 200 0
Fairy Statue
Fairy Statue 1,250 0
Boxwood Bunnies
Boxwood Bunnies 350 5
Durable Bleeding-Heart
Durable Bleeding-Heart 250 50
Gingerbread Heart
Gingerbread Heart 600 0
Jewellery Box
Jewelery Box 150 35
Stuffed Bear with Heart
Stuffed Bear with Heart 800 0
Noble Floor Vase
Noble Floor Vase 400 0
Romantic bench made of stone
Romantic bench made of stone 2,500 45
Festive Decoration of Worship
Festive Decoration of Worship 5000 0
Gift Hamper
Gift Hamper 100 5
Festive Day Cactus
Festive Day Cactus 250 0
Carnivorous Plant
Carnivorous Plant 200 0
Rosebush 750 0
Festive Fir Tree
Festive Fir Tree 500 25
Flamingo 1,000 0
Unicorn 25 50
Peacock 50 15
Puppy 200 30
Blue Lamb Gift
Blue Lamb 5,000 0

Seasonal GiftsEdit

At some seasons are available some special gifts. They are like the normal gifts but the player can give them only during the season. After the season finishes the player can no longer give them. However they will remain at the Garden Inventory of a player.

Photo Gift Season Mana Cost Ruby Cost
Lucky Pig Lucky Pig Festival of Renewal 5
Dragon Whisperer Dragon Whisperer Festive dragon's grove 250 40
Crocus Crocus Welcoming Spring 750 0
Mystical Mushroom Mystical Mushroom Fairytale 3,000 0
Lovely Decoration Lovely Decoration Family Festival 2,000 0
Snowy Tree of Roses Snowy Tree of Roses Winterspell 750 0
Caribbean blossom Caribbean Blossom Magic Nights 1,900 0
Palm Gateway Palm Gateway Magic Nights 250 40
Mussel Collection Mussel Collection Magic Nights 950 0
Strelitzia Strelitzia Magic Nights 1,500 0
Desert Lily-gift Desert Lily Old Cultures 140 0
Miranubis-gift Miranubis Old Cultures 740 5
Stubborn Messenger-gift Stubborn Messenger Old Cultures 1,400 0
Heartmagicus-gift Heartmagicus Old Cultures 7,000 20
Bitter heart-pastry Bitter heart-pastry Magical wonderland 3,500 0
Lovely heart-pastry Lovely heart-pastry Magical wonderland 0 8
Full-bodied heart-pastry Full-bodied heart-pastry Magical wonderland 4,500 0
Comforting heart-pastry Comforting heart-pastry Magical wonderland 0 8
Luridly frosted heart Luridly frosted heart Magical Wonderland 350 0
Colourfully frosted heart Colourfully frosted heart Magical wonderland 1,900 0
Reservedly frosted heart Reservedly frosted heart Magical wonderland 1,900 0
Orange marzipan rose Orange marzipan rose Magical wonderland 0 16
Blue marzipan rose Blue marzipan rose Magical wonderland 0 16
Green marzipan rose Green marzipan rose Magical wonderland 0 16