All players have a small Garden right next to their home. This small patch of dirt is available for placing decorations, and can also be used to access the player's Garden Inventory Menu. It is also the only place where Seating Decorations can be placed.

When a player hovers their mouse over their garden area it begins to glow. Clicking on this glowing area will open the Garden Inventory Menu.

Red grid
It also places a red grid pattern over areas of the village where decorations are not allowed (i.e. Pathways, Questies waiting area, and the Gardens of other players in your Village.)

Dream World GardenEdit

Island garden

Players who are over level 15, and have opened their Dream World have a second garden, located in that world. This floating island functions identically to the garden you have next to your home.

Garden InventoryEdit

Garden inventory
This menu's primary purpose is to display the user's decorations that are not in storage in the Tool shed, and are ready to be placed around their Village. It does however provide some other information as well. In the upper right hand corner is shown the number of decorations not in storage. Just below the inventory section is "Placed items". This is the number of decorations the player has already placed around their village. The menu also includes a Sort Objects and Collect everything button.

To place a decoration, the user simply selects (clicks) the item they wish to place. This causes the menu to disappear, and the mouse cursor to transform into the decoration you chose to place. Simply move your mouse to where you wish to place the decoration and click a second time. This drops the decoration and removes the red grid pattern. If the player moves the decoration over the off-limits area (red grid) the decoration will fade slightly to show the player that placing the decoration here is not allowed.

Note: You may also access this inventory by clicking the Mail icon on your tool bar and selecting "Garden Inventory" from the Admin Menu pop-up.

Admin menu

Sort ObjectsEdit

Clicking the Sort Objects button takes you to your Tool Shed. This menu is used to sort your decorations. The left column "Garden Inventory" shows the items you have ready to be placed around your Village. The right column "Toolshed" shows decoration items you have stored away and don't plan on using soon. Players can use the arrows in the center to move decorations to and from the Tool shed.

Note: To save your settings you must click the "OK" button after sorting items. Clicking the "X" close button will close the Tool Shed Menu (returning the player to the "Garden Inventory") without saving.

Collect everythingEdit

Clicking this button will remove all the decorations a player has placed around their village.