Festive Seed

Festive Seed Icon.

Zone Type : None

Mana /Exp : 300/150

Buying/Selling Price : Unknown/50

Growth Duration : 2 Days 6 Hours (without magical fairies)

Notes :

  • Festive Seed is a Premium Seed, so it does not give any seed income. When you harvest, you receive a good amount of mana and experience.
  • You can't make an offer in the Market with them.
  • The only way to get this plant is by winning it at Tent of Advanced Magic.
  • They were created for the Christmas Season in Miramagia, known as "Winterspell" so their appearance fits with Christmas. They have 2 bells with a mistletoe upon them.
  • After the season finishes this plant is removed completely, however if you have at least one of these in your Storage House it will remain there.

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