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Eusebius the Collector
Farty eusebius
Requirements Unique Mushrooms
Reward Mana

Eusebius the Collector is a valley questie, and acording to many, is the least desirable one as he demands unique mushrooms.

His initial text reads:

Proudly, a veiled figure moves into your path:"May I introduce myself? Eusebius" he says arrogantly, "I collect rarities." Instantly, you note the aura of the precious jewellery, which surrounds him, "Do you like it?", Eusebius asks bluntly, "OK, lets trade, but we don't want it to get boring. Chance shall decide which unique mushroom will be your stake", he says mischievously. "I need [number of] unique mushroom from you; you will receive [number of] Mana for it."