This sprawling estate is your Dream World home.  As players transform, their estate grows from the small square shown at the top of this page, to the large sprawling building shown here. As you can see from this example, some player put in a great deal of effort decorating their estate with the various furnishings available in Evelines Dream Workshop

Upgrade EstateEdit


There are three sections of your estate that you can upgrade. The walls, the gates, and the corner towers. All upgrades cost some amount of Mana. To begin an update, click the hammer tool button on your toolbar. An "Upgrade Estate" menu will pop up listing what upgrades are available to you, their cost, and the time it will take for the construction. Select the upgrade you want, and if you can afford it, the process will begin and two counters will be added. One for time, next to your estate that count downs till completion, and another under your Miragic counter on your top toolbar. This counter tracks your earned Miragic from the time your construction project begins. When the counter hits 100%, you may choose to cast a Mirafin spell.


This spell decreases the amount of time an Estate upgrade takes. To cast the spell you must earn a specified amount of Miragic from the time your construction project started and the moment you wish to cast the spell. Though the spell works when you have earned enough miragic, it doesn't use it.

Use: Miracic cost: Mana cost: Benefit
1 -6 hours
2 -18 hours
3 -24 hours
4 -xx hours
5 -xx hours
6 -xx hours
7 -xx hours

Virtuoso GroundsEdit

Virtuoso grounds button
Virtuoso grounds

As the photos above show, the floor of your estate is divided into a grid pattern. You can purchase floor tiles to decorate with by clicking this button. When you do so, this menu option opens. From here you can select from the patterns available to you. As you upgrade your estate and level up your character, additional patters will become available to you.


The tool to move decorations in your estate is "Move Fittings".

Sky ArtEdit

There are several Sky Art patters you can acquire to decorate your Dream World. Each are purchased by a fixed amount of Mana or Rubies, depending on which design you purchase.

Blossom TreeEdit

Blossom Tree

This tree sits just outside your Estate's gates. It can be gifted blossoms by visitors. If you look closely at this photo, you will see this tree has been gifted one blossom which is located on the bottom left hand branch.

These blossoms are not permanent. They accumulate on your tree all month long, then disappear on the first of every month!

Blossom spellEdit

Every player may give one (1) Blossom per day. That is one blossom in total, not one blossom to each player, so use your daily blossom gift wisely.