The dream world is your personal world within MiraMagia.

  1. Green Crystal Island
  2. Golden Crystal Island
  3. Red Crystal Island
  4. Purple Crystal Island
  5. Dream World Garden
  6. Estate
  7. Blossom Tree


Accessing the Dream WorldEdit

You can access the dream world as soon as you reach level 15. Until then the portal will be covered by a climbing plant and you can't use it even though you already see "Dream World" in your teleport menu.

Locked portal
Open portal
Locked portal
Open portal

There are 2 ways to reach your dream world:

  1. Use the portal (shown above) on your field.
  2. Select "to dream world" on you teleport menu.

You also can choose who is allowed to visit your dream world: everyone, only your friends or only yourself.

Who can visit world