Feeding your Dragon is how you make him/her grow. Each can (serving) of Dragon food equals 50 points towards your Dragon's next upgrade.

Where it can be obtainedEdit

You can obtain food in several ways

  1. Purchase it.
    Mixed goods
    • It is one of the many items available in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop.  It is among the mixed goods section.  Each can costs 50 Gold.
  2. Win it.
    • A lucky day in the Carnival Area can win a few servings for your hungry friend.
  3. Make it.
    • Using the Magical Mushrooms you collect, you can make your own food.
      • Elevated Dragon Food: Requires 5 Yellow, 2 Green, and 2 Blue mushrooms.
        • Makes 125 servings.
      • Masterful Dragon Food: Requires 8 Yellow, 3 Green, and 3 Blue mushrooms.
        • Makes 250 servings.


Feeding is easy. Click your dragon and a menu will open.

After feeding your dragon, watch carefully when you close the feeding menu. You'll see your dragon appreciates your care.