Dragon-lair 1   Dragon-lair 9

Basic InformationEdit

The player's Dragon Lair is one of four buildings that each player has at their home. This lair is where the player's Dragon will live.

When a player first starts they are provided three (3) constructions plots surrounding their home field --See Photo--. The fourth spot is the Store House which is always at the top right hand position. The player is free to choose which of the remaining three spots to place their Dragon Lair. The other two will be the Magic Circle, and Magic Laboratory. Once placed, the goal is to upgrade this building so the that the Dragon that lives there can grow to its maximum size, and in doing so provide the owner in-game bonuses. There are several Achievement awards that players can earn for using this spell. There are several Achievement awards that players can earn for upgrading their Dragon's Lair.

For new players, the maximum level for the Lair is 8. Once a player transforms , the new maximum is 9.


Level: Cost: Duration: Max Dragon size: Picture:
1 00:02:00 4 Dragon-lair 1
2 6 Dragon-lair 2
3 8 Dragon-lair 3
4 4,700 18:08:00 11 Dragon-lair 4
5 14 Dragon-lair 5
6 12,800 25:06:00 18 Dragon-lair 6
7 Dragon-lair 7
8 26 Dragon-lair 8
9 32,450 128:18:00 27 Dragon-lair 9

Dragon Lair menuEdit

There are some categories which open up specific windows for some actions in the Lair of your Dragon and these are:

  1. Upgrading (To upgrade the Dragon's Lair and see the bonuses and the cost of the upgrade.)
  2. Dragon care (To take care of your dragon, feed him/her and to see the additional fairies who are attracted from him/her.)
  3. Practice Race (A simulation of the dragon race for learning the tactics,spells,energy,weather,etc.)
  4. Dragon Race (Setting the participation in a dragon race, the creation of a race and the invitations.Also it's showing the race and the progress, energy levels, spells, weather conditions if you are competing to one)