Spell Group Downpour


The Downpour is spell used to reduce the growth time of your plants by a small amount. It can be found under the spell group Downpour near on the other downpour spells. It can only be cast on your plants once. Further watering will not accelerate growth.

There are several Achievement awards that players can earn for upgrading this spell.


Downpour Effect
When you cast Downpour on a plant you will see a small cloud appearing over it and raining. The cloud will then disappear leaving the effect on the plant (see image right). This water-drop upon the plant shows that the plant has been watered. The reduction in the time is dependent upon how far the player has upgraded their Downpour spell (5%-14% ,the spell has 10 levels).

Boosted DownpourEdit

Boosted Downpour

Boosted downpour is a more effective downpour which reduces the growth time by 5% more than  the regular Downpour. It can only be unlocked if the player has a Club Account.

Mana Cost : 1

Overall DownpourEdit

Overall Downpour

Overall Downpour is an easier way to water your crops since it waters the whole field at once. It reduces the harvest time like the normal one but it covers the whole field. It requires the Busy Little Helpers subscription.

Mana Cost : 30

Overall ,Boosted DownpourEdit

Overall, Boosted Downpour
The best Downpour of all. It's a combination of Overall and Boosted Downpour. It reduces the growth time 5% more than the regular and it covers the whole filed at once. However it requires both a Club Account and Busy Little Helpers subscription.

Mana Cost : 30

Village Tree WateringEdit

Village Tree Watering Icon

Village Tree Watering Effect (Board)

A downpour for the Village Tree . It triples the care points the Tree receives independently the player who waters it. When cast it has 2 effects:

First effect : A small piece of paper will appear on the Village Board with the icon of the spell.

Second Effect : By clicking at the Village Tree the player will see between the Tree icon and the watering can an icon of the spell and the spell remaining time.

Village Tree Watering Effect (Tree)
Mana Cost : 0

Requires : The spell uses of this spell can be obtained from the Regularity Bonus.


Spell Level Required Level Required Gold Required Crops Exp Gained Reduction of Growth Time
1 5%
2 6%
3 7%
4 8%
5 9%
6 54 2,600

90 Marble Bushes

80 Sorrel Balls

150 Horsetails

1,500 10%
7 11%
8 12%
9 84 4,440

10 Spuds

500 Towerkraut

120 Cone Thistles

2,252 13%
10 94 5,000

60 Leafers

50 Spuds

100 Snapdragons

2,500 14%