Crystal Treasure
Requirements Mana

Festive Seeds

Reward Miragic

The Crystal Treasure is a valley questie, which was released a while after the valley map was introduced. It is the only valley questie that does not communicate with the player; instead, the player uses magic to release the treasure underneath it.

Her initial text reads:

You can hear a distinct crackle, as you feel how you hair rises up. Protruding from the ground ahead of you, you see an enormous crystal, which you find rather electrifying. Upon taking a closer look, you actually discover a treasure beneath its delicately oscillating surface. Quickly use your power of thought to recover it. That requires (number) Mana from you; you will receive (number)(reward) in return.

And upon completion:

The Mana seeps into the crystal like into a thirsty sponge, as you unleash with it a power that discharges in countless glowing stars. Congratulations! As if by magic, a real treasure is now among your possessions. You feel that you have made a Miramagian creature happy.

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