This category is for pages or pictures related to the various Premium plants your character can grow in his/her field.

Premium Seeds are unique plants which give mana instead of seed income.

How to obtain them ?Edit

These seeds can only be obtained by the Wheel of Fortune,the Tent of Advanced Magic or by gathering magical mushrooms (only Optic Plant Mush can be obtained thought Magical Mushrooms). They cannot obtained through Market or Sorcerer's Corner Shop .


  • The amount of mana its different for each seed.
  • The seeds can be sold to the Sorceress Corner Shop for a small amount of gold but you can't buy them back.
  • They all have the same icon: a small punch with a piece of paper upon it.
  • Optic Plant Mush gives the smallest amounts of Experience and Mana.
  • They don't have any Zone.
  • You cant make an offer at Market with them.
  • Each season now has its own premium seed (for example Lucky Clovers were added at the 'Festival of Renewal' season).
  • Now with the Seal of returns spell the player can boost the mana amount of the seeds when harvested.


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