Bulltin board
Here villagers can leave text messages to their neighbors and also read some information about their village. You can find the Bulletin Board in the center of the village.

This is the inside of the bulletin board. Bulltin board colors

  • Red: here you can see the names of of you neighbors in the village.
  • Purple: here you can see the date and the time someone left a message.
  • Light green: here you can see if the messages you post, can be seen by everyone. In this image the messages are not public.
  • Village Elder
    Light Blue: this flag icon shows who the village elder is. You can also see the flag next to the house of the village elder.
  • Green: here you can see how many competitions your village has won.
  • Yellow: here you can see the minimum level you need to be if you want to move to a village.
  • Pink: if you don’t have 7 neighbors the village leader can activate village search. With this function the game will recommend your village to players who are searching for another village to move to.
  • Blue: when you're done with writing you message, you press this button to save.