There are 10 different designs of trophy that can be obtained by completing categories of Alchemy Quest. Each design is available in five different colours - the colour represents the difficulty level of Alchemy Quests that were completed to obtain the trophy.

The designs of the trophies are based on the objects that you have to link up with pipes in the Alchemy Quests themselves. Trophies can be sold at the Sorcerer's Corner Shop in the City, but the are only worth a small amount of Gold

  • Wooden trophy = 350 Gold.
  • Bronze trophy = 375 Gold.
  • Silver trophy = 400 Gold.
  • Gold trophy = 450 Gold.
  • Platinum trophy = 475 Gold.

Category A (Very easy recipes, wooden trophies)

Category B (Easy recipes, bronze trophies)

Category C (Average recipes, silver trophies)

Category D (Hard recipes, gold trophies)

Category E (Very Hard recipes, platinum trophies)