2013 advent calendar


Every year during the Christmas season, Miramagia has an Advent calendar for players. Each day players log on, they can click that day's date and when the door opens, they receive a gift. All players get the same gifts, but they may get them on different days.


Winter fairy
Players can access the Advent calendar by clicking on the Winter fairy located in the Carnival Area of their home village.


2012 CalendarEdit

2012 advent calendar

2012 GiftsEdit

Advent-1 Advent-2 Advent-3 Advent-4 Advent-5 Advent-6
Advent-7 Advent-8 Advent-9 Advent-11 Advent-12 Advent-13
Advent-14 Advent-15 Advent-16 Advent-17 Advent-18 Advent-19
Advent-20 Advent-21 Advent-22 Advent-23 Advent-24
Advent-10* Hat
90px* Hat

2013 CalendarEdit

2013 advent calendar b

2013 GiftsEdit

Advent 13-01 Advent 13-02 Advent 13-03 Advent 13-04 Advent 13-05 Advent 13-06
Advent 13-07 Advent 13-08 Advent 13-09 Advent 13-10 Advent 13-11 Advent 13-12
Advent 13-13 Advent 13-14 Advent 13-15 Advent 13-16 Advent 13-17 Advent 13-18
Advent 13-19 Advent 13-20 Advent 13-21 Advent 13-22 Advent 13-23 Advent 13-24

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