Absent-Minded Customs Officer
Customs officer
Requirements Gold
Reward Scratch cards

The Absent Minded Customs Officer is a valley questie, and one on the more desirable ones.

Hisinitial text reads:

Determined not to interrupt him, you observe the absent-minded customs officer in his search. "It's got to be somewhere," he mumbles, as he leaves no stone on the ground unturned. "What was it again? My Gold of course! Oh dear. What is the council going to say? Has nobody seen anything..." He then notices you. "Oh Miramagian, steady on! Will you fix my dilemma?" he asks. "I need (number) of gold from you, you will receive (number) Scratch Cards in return.

And upon completion:


“Thankyou so much- erm…what was your name again? Right1 Customs Administrator. Now back to the City, before blow it again”, the customs officer soliloquises as he leaves you. Shortly after, you can hear something falling to the ground, which sounds suspiciously like metal. You feel that you have made a Miramagian officer happy.